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Librarian's Guide to Civil Service

Tax Cap Information

HAVA Law Impact on Library Elections - Updated Information on HAVA for 2016

Digital Literacy Standard for New Yorkers

Practicing digital literacy consists of both the broad overarching principles that guide the understanding of the concepts of digital literacy, as well as the practical skills needed to use technology.

Download PDF for Digital Literacy Standards and Digital Literacy Skill Set Information.

Dormitory Legislation/Referendums

NYS Dormitory Authority Financing for Public Library Capital Projects

The New York Library Association encourages its member libraries to take advantage of the low cost financing for capital projects available through the NYS Dormitory Authority.
The links below provide additional information on how the NYS Dormitory Authority can save libraries money on financing capital projects,  a sample of state legislation that must be introduced and passed before your library can be eligible to apply for Dormitory Authority financing, and a sample bond referendum which must be approved by the voters in order to borrow funds (no matter what the source) to pay for a capital project.

Unfortunately, the state Legislature requires that every library that wants to access low cost financing from the Dormitory Authority must first ask their local state legislators to get special legislation introduced and passed on a case by case basis, even though public libraries are an eligible entity for Dormitory Authority financing.

DASNY Financing Programs for Public Libraries Brochure (PDF)

Legislation Sample (PDF)

Referendum Sample (PDF)

Sample Association Library Retirement Bill

Some association libraries are interested in joining the state and local employees’ retirement system. NYLA introduced legislation that would have allowed all association libraries, not already in the retirement system, to join upon permission of their board of trustees. Unfortunately, the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) is opposed to allowing this to happen, despite the fact that a majority of association library employees (like those employed by the NYC libraries) are already in the state and local retirement system.

As a result, NYLA has drafted sample legislation that would allow individual libraries to join the state and local retirement system one at time instead of all at the same time, similar to legislation allowing individual libraries to utilize the NYS Dormitory Authority for construction financing.

Sample Legislation (DOC)

Sample Support Memo (DOC)

Library District Legislation

Both the New York Library Association and the NYS Board of Regents support the transition of association and municipal libraries to library districts which provide greater accountability, transparency and stable funding for libraries through direct voter control and participation in the operations of the library.

Sample Library District Legislation

Chemung Public Library (PDF)
Clifton Park - Halfmoon Public Library (PDF)
East Fishkill Public Library (PDF)
Pine Bush Area Public Library District (PDF)

School Library Programs Laws, Regulations, and Guidance

Regulations of the Commissioner of Education

Commissioner's Regulations Section 91.1  (pdf) - school libraries shall be established and maintained in each school
Commissioner's Regulations Section 91.2  (pdf) - employment of school librarians
Commissioner's Regulations Section 100.4 (pdf) - units of study in 7th and 8th grade, library and information skills
Commissioner's Regulations Section 80-2.8  (pdf) - School Librarians as certified teachers; certificates valid for school library media specialists

Board of Regents Policy: Regents Commission on Library Services
Final Report of the Regents Commission on Library Services - issued July 14, 2000

Meeting the Needs of All New Yorkers: Library Service in the New Century

NYS School Library Materials - Legislation and Guidance

Guidance Materials - Summer School

Handbook for Summer School Administrators and Principals 2009 (pdf, 114.4 KB)

NYS School Library Systems

Education Law Section § 272 Conditions for library systems entitlement to state aid (pdf)
Education Law Section § 273 Apportionment of aid to libraries and library systems (pdf)
Education Law § 282 Establishment of school library systems (pdf)
Education Law § 283 Functions of school library systems (pdf)
Education Law § 284 State aid for school library systems (pdf)
Regulations of the Commissioner of Education §90.18 School library systems (pdf)

School Library Commissioner Regulations

School Libraries (PDF)
Employment of a School Library Media Specialist (PDF)

Additional Resources

Public Library Law in New York State (PDF), rev. 2006, by Allan Carter

Confidentiality of Library Records

State Comptroller Opinions Impacting Public Libraries