The NYLA Voice is the official publication of the New York Library Association and is published six times a year: February, April, June, August, October and December. This publication offers information on NYLA activities and general information of interest to the library community of New York State.

In October 2019. the NYLA eBulletin became The NYLA Voice after a naming contest was completed with the NYLA membership.



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Archive of pre-Digital Issues


NYLA Bulletin- Fall 2011 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin- Summer 2011 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin- Spring 2011 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin- Winter 2011 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Fall 2010 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Summer 2010 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Spring 2010 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Winter 2010 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Fall 2009 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Summer 2009 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Winter/Spring 2009 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Fall 2008 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Summer 2008 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Spring 2008 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Winter 2008 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Fall 2007 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Summer 2007 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Spring 2007 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Winter 2007 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Summer 2006 (pdf)
NYLA Bulletin - Spring 2006 (pdf)