2011 Library Workers Employment and Salary Survey


Each year in May, the Department for Professional Employment of the AFL-CIO publishes a Fact Sheet, “Library Workers, Facts and Figures.” The Fact Sheet draws information from a number of federal agencies and the American Library Association. A major source of input into these reports that has been missing, however, has been a salary survey of library workers specifically for New York state. NYLA has attempted to fill that gap with a survey conducted over the past two months (April-May 2011) open to all library workers in the state, including current and retired, employed and unemployed.

The May 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics data for New York reports the following numbers for the state:

  • Librarians 11,930
  • Library technicians 7630
  • Other library workers 1920

[“Librarian” is generally defined as a person who holds a master’s degree in library science or meets state teaching license standards for being a school librarian. “Library technicians” assist librarians in the acquisition, preparation, and organization of materials “and assist users in locating the appropriate resources.”]

The NYLA survey had 2,215 respondents who completed the survey, 1755 librarians (86%), 290 support staff, library technicians and others (14%). [170 respondents did not identify themselves in this question.] 

[The population size for individual survey questions will vary, as not all respondents answered all questions.]

Basic demographics (PDF)
Starting Salaries for librarians 

  • Summary data and ranges (PDF)
  • Salary by library type and region (PDF)

Salary ranges (librarian) by job title, library type and region (PDF)
Salary (librarian) by library type and region (PDF)

  • Academic
  • Public
  • School
  • Special
  • System

Salary (librarian) by job title, library type and region (PDF)

  • Academic
  • Public
  • School

Support staff information (PDF)
Cost of living information (PDF)
Unemployment and Retirement Information (PDF)