NYBLC Committees

As a membership organization, the New York Black Librarians’ Caucus Inc. depends on the dedication and commitment of its members to ensure the vitality of association programs. Each year, several members serve on the association’s committees.

Committees are established by the NYBLC Executive Council to oversee the activities of the association. This currently includes the bylaws committee, fundraising committee, membership and recruiting committee, programming, public relations/publicity, and scholarship and scholarship selection committee. Most of these committees report bi-monthly to the council and the general members. Committee activities provide invaluable networking that can build your leadership skills as you advance through your career.

Suggesting Members for Committee Appointments

Members who would like to suggest themselves or other members for appointment to particular committees write to info@thenyblc.org with the following information: name of the member suggested, affiliation, field(s) of specialization, a short listing of professional activities, and a brief statement of the person’s qualifications. The council makes appointments each year, with terms generally beginning on July 1st. Members should consult the list of association committees to determine expected vacancies.

Committee Listings


Function: The Bylaws Committee shall implement and revise the current bylaws of the NYBLC upon approval of the Executive and General Board of NYBLC. 



Function: The Fundraising Committee shall plan and implements activities to raise funds for the programs and general operations of the NYBLC. The committee shall also raise funds by soliciting individuals, businesses, and corporations.


Membership & Recruiting

Function: The Membership and Recruiting Committee shall actively promote membership in the NYBLC. To establish general policies, programs, and procedures to secure new members; to be responsible for the implementation of these programs; to coordinate membership promotion activities, to make recommendations concerning membership dues; to prepare and maintain a Membership Directory; to welcome new members by recommending ways to acknowledge new members and to encourage participation in NYBLC activities.



Function: The Program Committee shall propose, plan and implement programs for the benefit of the NYBLC membership and the community; review and select presentations.


Public Relations/ Publicity

Function: The Public Relations Committee shall orchestrate all aspects of organizing and disseminating information about the NYBLC events and activities to the community through all social networking platforms and other promotional materials.


Scholarship and Scholarship Selection 

Function: The Scholarship Committee shall publicize the Hoke & Gethers-Muhammad Memorial Scholarship to potential candidates, library schools, etc. Evaluate the nominees for the scholarship and select the recipients following established guidelines and coordinates the formal presentation of the scholarship award(s) at the Annual Luncheon Fundraiser. The committee also serves as a mentoring body to support the growth and development of scholarship recipients and applicants.