New York Black Librarians' Caucus

THE NEW YORK BLACK LIBRARIAN’S CAUCUS (NYBLC) is a collection of professionals, who believe that they are the “culture keepers” of history, tradition and community. We represent the library community’s collective interests. The Caucus works to expand professional, economic and networking opportunities for librarians, library support staff, board of trustees, institutions and those that love libraries.

By joining the Caucus, you will be united with professional men and women, who together ignite a powerful torch of strength, enthusiasm and imagination. NYBLC offers scholarships, books awards, and a host of services provided for Caucus members including programs, job listings, and so much more. You can benefit tremendously from the numerous executive offices, committees, presentations, and professional development workshops.

I encourage you to support this dynamic organization through membership and discover the many benefits your participation will reap for you and the community.

The CAUCUS needs your support and energetic involvement as we continue working to make progress in the library community. Together we will make a difference.




Scholarship Virtual Gala

Saturday, November, 14 2020 11AM- 4PM

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NEXT MEMERSHIP MEETING: October 17th (Virtual)



President's Message- Dana M.  Sinclair  



In light of all that has been going on in our world today, it is my hope that you all are safe and fairing well. At this time, we have chosen to postpone our 50th anniversary celebration gala until November 14th, 2020. In the mean time we ask that you consider joining us for this momentus occasion. We will hold our meetings remotely for the forseable future and look forward to working with all of you virtually. It is imperative that we as library professionals continue to provide the services needed to our communties in virtual copacities the best way that we can to ensure that all those who did it can have access. Practicing social distancing when we cannot and following the CDC guidlines, taking precausionary measures to do our part in limiting the spread of COVID-19. We appreciate all that you do to promote library services and our importance in our communties. Stay safe and healthy!




To become a member of NYBLC, you must also be a member of the New York Library Associaiton (NYLA).


Existing NYLA Members - to ADD NYLBC to your NYLA Membership:
Log-in to your NYLA account (click HERE), click ‘personal record detail’ from the left-hand menu – then click on ‘Add Sections / Round Tables’ from the list of options.
The online order will be reviewed and NYBLC will be added to the membership.*

* Please note that the expiration date for any secondary groups that you join will be the same as your primary NYLA membership, regardless of the when during your dues term they are purchased.