Section of School Librarians (SSL) Update

Submitted by Penny Sweeney, SSL President

We had several members that were featured in Publishers Weekly in December 2017.  Rose Luna and Margaux DelGuidice-Calemmo are the authors of an article entitled Library Makeover: How Two Librarians Made Over Their Librarians.  Within this article, they discuss makerspace, student leadership, as well as Sue Kowalski, being an inspiration for them.

Upcoming Conferences

  1. American Library Association Midwinter (Denver, CO, Feb 9-12)
  2. NYLA/SSL Conference (Huntington Hilton, Long Island, May 3-5)
  3. Guest speakers include
  4. Pernille Ripp (author of Passionate Readers)
  5. Ellen Oh (We Need Diverse Books)
  6. Barbara Stripling (2017 Winner of the ALA Joseph W. Lippencott award)
  7. Steven Sheinkin (Knickerbocker recipient)
  8. Hope to see you there!
  9. American Library Association (New Orleans, June)
  10. Leadership Retreat (August 2018)
  11. Focused on the new AASL Standards that were rolled out in November 2017.

NYSED Projects

  1. Review of our SLMPE Rubric
  2. NYSED has begun a Culturally Responsive Librarians Group