Leadership and Management Section (LAMS) Update

Submitted by AnnaLee Giraldo, LAMS President

The Board met on Monday, December 11, 2017.

LAMS has had two recent board departures, and four new board members have been added to our roster. Rob Carle and Gillian Thorpe, both longstanding LAMS Board members have stepped down in recent months, with an immense thanks from the Board for their service. At conference, we voted in our new members: Anne de la Chapelle, Tim Furgal, Ron Kirsop, and Edwin Maxwell. We're very pleased to be starting off 2018 with a full roster and fresh eyes for the coming year!

In old business, LAMS has created a sub-committee to rework our existing by-laws. We voted to continue our financial support of NYLA's Library Advocacy Day by contributing $300 to the cause. We were also very excited with our experiences with the Conference Buddies program, and hope to continue it at future conferences.

We discussed conference planning at length, and have many leads for speakers and programs. Amanda Perrine will be the LAMS Conference Curator for 2018, and will continue on as President in 2019.

Lastly, we focused a discussion on the NYLA Leadership and Management Academy and our section involvement in it. We decided to reach out to Jeremy regarding having a LAMS representative on the working group for the academy on an on-going basis. In addition, we would like to create a series of micro-certifications on leadership topics. We have created a sub-committee to help develop that idea more fully, working with Jeremy and potential speakers. More discussion of this to follow.

Our next meeting will be in February/March, date TBD.