Public Library Section (PLS) Update

Submitted by Deanna DiCarlo, PLS President

The PLS board met via conference call on 12/27/2017 and 1/16/2018 to beginning planning 2018’s PLS activities. Our President Elect, Sarah Clark, is heavily engaged in 2018 NYLA conference curation, and she updated the board as to her deadlines, responsibilities, and ideas for this year. Our Second Vice President, Dawn Peters, will take the lead on the longstanding PLS conference program, Author! Author!; we are delighted that this event will take place at the Central Library in Rochester, giving folks an opportunity to visit an award-winning, local public library at the statewide conference. Our First and Second Year Directors, Jennifer Byrnes and Patty Uttaro, are scouting locations in western New York for this year’s PLS Spring CE, themed “Breaking Down Barriers.”

The PLS board has assigned its 2018 committee reps:

  1. Conference: Sarah Clark (Vice President/President Elect)
  2. Continuing Education: Jennifer Byrnes (First Year Director)
  3. Communications: Dawn Peters (Second Vice President)
  4. Intellectual Freedom: TBD
  5. Legislative: Dan Hubbs (Past President)
  6. Membership: Dawn Peters (Second Vice President)

In addition to committee work and program planning, in 2018 PLS is excited to sponsor Library Advocacy Day and the annual Urban Librarians Unite conference. We are also creating a form for our webpage that will clarify how roundtables and affiliates are able to request PLS financial sponsorship, and we are considering the creation of additional avenues for supporting innovative public library programs across New York State.