Public Library Section (PLS) Update

Submitted by Deanna DiCarlo, PLS President

The PLS board had an energizing and active year gearing up for conference, from designing and scheduling our trade show booth, organizing another great Author! Author! event with 2017 National Book Award finalist Lisa Ko, presenting on relevant topics like fine forgiveness, staff training, and social justice, and taking care of so many other details that made the magic happen. Thanks to everyone who shared your extensive knowledge, insight, and experience by presenting at a PLS-sponsored session this year, and to everyone who volunteered at the our trade show booth and served as room monitors. We are so grateful to be part of the active and engaged New York library scene and to have so many amazing colleagues!
In addition to our annual activities at conference, PLS recognizes outstanding public libraries and librarians each year by granting conference and academy scholarships, awards of merit, and building awards. The 2017 recipients are:

PLS Building Award for New Construction:
The Pavilion Public Library

L. Marion Moshier/Asa Wynkoop Award for Distinguished Librarianship:
Leah Hamilton

Leadership & Management Academy Scholarship:
Lisa Neuman

NYLA Conference Scholarships:
Kristin Charles-Scaringi
Ronald Shaw
Jay Dela Cruz
Elizabeth Potter
Alissa Borelli

PLS said farewell to three phenomenal board members at the 2017 conference. We thank them for their leadership and service, and we know our section is stronger because of their dedication and contributions over the past few years. We will miss you folks dearly!
Judith Wines, Past President
Becky Maguire, Second Vice President
Jennifer Bollerman, Secretary

PLS welcomes three new members to the board in 2018:
Sarah Clark, Vice President/President-Elect
Stephanie Langer, Secretary
Jennifer Byrnes, First Year Director

Continuing their service on the PLS board this year:
Dan Hubbs, Past President
Deanna DiCarlo, President
Dawn Peters, Second Vice President
Margo Gustina, Treasurer
Katie Hayduke, Third Year Director
Patty Uttaro, Second Year Director

Speaking on behalf of the entire board, we look forward to another great year serving our section membership while advocating for and supporting public libraries in New York State!