From the President

by Tim Burke, NYLA President

Let me take this opportunity to thank the New York Library Community for allowing me the privilege to serve as NYLA President for the next year. I’d like to thank Barbara Stripling for her outstanding service as NYLA President this past year.  I look forward to working with her as our Immediate Past President and Michelle Young, our President-Elect in 2018. 

I am assuming the Presidency at a great time in NYLA’s long history – our membership is over 6,000 (an all-time high!); our finances are sound; your NYLA Council provides strong leadership; we have an amazing NYLA staff team led by Jeremy; we have had a string of advocacy successes at the state level; we have sections, roundtables, committees, and affiliates that year after year, bring us an amazing annual conference; and NYLA is recognized as a national leader with innovative projects like the Sustainability Initiative.

But at the same time we are facing some real challenges – on the advocacy front, most experts are predicting a significant revenue shortfall this year that will almost certainly impact library funding; we need to continue to explore ways to grow our membership; and there are some segments of the library community that need to feel more fully represented by NYLA.

I have chosen “Making a Difference…Together” as our theme for the coming year and for the 2018 annual conference, which will be hosted in Rochester (November 7-10, 2018…mark your calendar!).  This simple theme is designed to be a celebration of what all libraries throughout New York do every single day…we make a difference!  The addition of the word “Together” serves as a reminder to all of us that we are one Library community and when we work together with a common purpose and shared goals…..we’re better, stronger, smarter…and louder, when it’s time to speak up for all of our libraries.   

 “Together” is also there to remind me that as your President, it’s my job to do everything I can to bring us together.  During my term in office I want to make it a priority to visit and see for myself the differences being made by libraries all across the state. I also will take every opportunity to highlight on these pages some of the great examples of New York libraries working together through partnerships and collaborations to make a difference for their communities, their campuses, and their schools.

Thank you once again for this special opportunity.  I look forward to working with you all throughout the next year.  Let’s make a difference….Together!!

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