NYLA 2017 - Choose Your Own Adventure

by Kelsey Dorado, NYLA Communications & Marketing Manager

Over 1,000 librarians headed back to Saratoga Springs, NY for the BEST CONFERENCE EVER! We chose our own adventure as we navigated programming, enjoyed special events, and hung out with farm animals.

November 8 marked the start of NYLA 2017 with five different continuing education workshops spanning from spotting fake news to enhancing library services for LGBT youth. The adventure continued on Thursday, November 9 with our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Camila Alire, who spoke on the important of advocacy with soul. Directly following our Keynote Speaker was the opening of the annual trade show, featuring the latest and greatest library products and services, and a mini petting zoo!

Attendees then dove straight into the core of their adventure, conference programs. NYLA 2017 offered about 90 programs over a three-day period. Programs covered a broad range of topics including advocacy, improving friends groups, fake news, and more! You can find an archive of presentations here.  

The adventure did not stop with programs! NYLA 2017 was full of luncheons, banquets, receptions, and after-hours events that brought attendees together to listen to discuss all things library. This year’s special events included Intellectual Freedom for Breakfast with Jamie LaRue, the first annual Battle of the (LIBRARY) Bands, the ever popular Battledecks, and so much more!

Friday night brought together the leaders of the library community for the NYLA Inaugural Banquet. During the banquet, award winners were honored, and NYLA’s new president, Tim Burke, was inducted. To hear from Tim Burke, in his first eBulletin article as NYLA President, click here.

NYLA 2017 may be over, but I have strong feeling the next BEST CONFERENCE EVER is closer than we think! Join us in Rochester, NY on November 7-10, 2018 to Make a Difference…Together.


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