Execute Director's Report

by Jeremy Johannesen, NYLA Executive Director

We're All in this Together

Twice in the last two months NYLA has received applications for assistance for the Disaster Relief Fund.  Supported by ongoing donations and special fundraising efforts, the fund provides support to libraries in New York State that have been damaged or destroyed by natural or manmade disasters.  In 2011 the fund provided support to many libraries that were damaged following Hurricane Irene.  Just a year later in 2012, together we supported libraries that were devastated by Super Storm Sandy.

The most recent cases did not involve ‘library closing’ destruction, but rather smaller, yet still impactful instances of flooding and fire damage.  In all cases, it leaves me feeling proud of our organization to be able to provide some small assistance.

The dollars provided by the Disaster Relief Fund are not project altering, (the average award is just $1000) but instead is symbolic.  Symbolic of the collective support of our larger New York State library community.  A reflection that all libraries, regardless of type, or size, or community served, all embrace the same ideals; and that together as an association we acknowledge that oneness – and are forever ready to lend a hand to our comrades.

In recent months, our nation has been pummeled by multiple major hurricanes, leaving behind devastation in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.  As a demonstration of our solidarity with libraries throughout the country, all donations to the Disaster Relief Fund between now and November 30, will be equally distributed to the Texas, Florida and ALA Disaster Relief Funds (The ALA fund is the best means of support for Puerto Rico’s libraries). Should you prefer to target your donation directly to one region, please feel free to support any of these efforts:

Texas Library Association Disaster Relief Fund
Florida Library Association / Florida State Library Disaster Relief Fund
American Library Association Disaster Relief Fund

There will be a number of opportunities to donate during the 2017 NYLA Annual Conference, if you are not attending, or would prefer to take action now, you can donate online.

NYLA Disaster Relief Fund


NYLA Executive Director and President-Elect presenting a Disaster Relief check to the Cheney Library NYLA Executive Director presenting a Disaster Relief check to the Amsterdam Free Library


Final Stretch

It is nearly time for the #NYLA2017 #BestConferenceEver

This year’s content is ‘top notch’ with nationally recognized speakers, and up-to-the-minute hot topics.  One of the most important aspects of the conference each year is something that can’t be found in the printed conference catalog, or on the app (provided by Capira) – and that is all of the informal unstructured connections that happen between the conference attendees.  As members of library community from all over the state converge for our annual meeting, they mix, mingle, and cross pollinate – sharing best practices, programming ideas and potential solutions to long nagging challenges.

Even if you haven’t registered yet, there is still time to attend.  It is possible to register onsite, and you can attend the conference for just the day(s) you are available.  Don’t miss this one-a-year opportunity to connect with the best and the brightest from every corner of New York.

First timer?  Taking on the conference for the first time can be intimidating, check out our list of pro-tips.

Already registered – don’t forget to contact the NYLA office is you forgot to ‘Go Green’ – meaning that you a volunteering to skip the printed program and tote bag.  Also, let us know if you want to add any special event tickets or a pre-conference Continuing Education workshop – add them now before they are sold out!

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with peers, explore new ideas and be inspired by what is possible.  For details on the 2017 NYLA Annual Conference, November 8-11, in Saratoga Springs, NY, click here.

Round Tables Rising

There has been a resurgence in the popularity of NYLA’s many Round Tables in recent months.  Round tables cover a host of library issues and provide members with a place to share common interests and educate colleagues through conference programs and other gatherings. With generally fewer than 150 members, round tables offer you a chance for leadership. Each round table membership is an additional $5.00. NYLA Members may join as many round tables as they choose.

Steps for Forming a New Round Table

CORT - Correctional and Outreach Resource Team

ESRT - Ethnic Services Round Table

FILM- Finding Inspiration in Literature & Movies

GIRT - Government Information Round Table

IFRT - Intellectual Freedom Round Table

ILRT - Information Literacy Round Table - formerly BIRT

LAR - Library Access Round Table - formerly RLSP

LHRT - Local History Round Table

MSRT - Making and STEAM Round Table

NMES- New Member Engagement Subcommittee

PCRT - Pop Culture Round Table

PLRT - ParaLibrarians Round Table

RLRT - Rural Libraries Round Table

Interested in adding a Round Table to your existing NYLA membership?
To use the online process to add groups to your membership: Once logged in, click ‘personal record detail’ from the left-hand menu – then click on ‘Add Sections / Round Tables’ from the list of options.
The online order will be reviewed and the new Section / Round Table will be added to the membership.*
* Please note that the expiration date for any secondary groups that you join will be the same as your primary NYLA membership, regardless of the when during your dues term they are purchased.

Dues Changes Coming in 2018

The NYLA Council recently approved recommendations made by the Membership Committee which will make changes to ‘Regular’ membership dues, and additional Sections and Round Table Dues.

Beginning 1-1-2018, for all new memberships and renewals there will be a new ‘top tier’ dues category for individual regular members; for those earning over $100K annually, the corresponding dues rate will be $150.  The previous highest dues category was $125 for those earning over $50K.  There are no changes to the rates of any of the existing dues categories.

Additional Sections and Round Tables

All individual NYLA memberships include enrollment in one Section included with base dues. Beginning 1-1-2018 the rate to enroll in additional Sections will increase from $7 to $10.  Similarly, the rate for enrollment in all NYLA Round Tables will increase to $10.

These changes have been adopted to provide for greater financial resources for NYLA Sections and Round Tables, following over a decade with no adjustments.


Library Advocacy Day 2018
WEDNESDAY, February 28, 2018

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
See you in Saratoga Springs!

Jeremy Johannesen
NYLA Executive Director
518-432-6952 Ext. 101