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Helping All Trustees Succeed Curriculum Endorsed by Statewide Organizations

The Library Trustees Association of New York State, the New York Library Association and Public Library System Directors Promote Trustee Education

NEW YORK STATE, May 12, 2017– The Library Trustees Association of New York State (LTA) , the New York Library Association (NYLA) and the Public Library Systems Directors Organization of New York State (PULISDO) have all unanimously endorsed the use and promotion of the Helping All Trustees Succeed (HATS) Curriculum.

“Strong library boards build enduring libraries,” said Lauren Moore, PULISDO Chair. “ That’s why the public library systems of New York State have worked together to create a curriculum that will ensure that all library trustees have the skills they need to govern their libraries.”

The curriculum was developed by a team of Public Library System consultants with stakeholder input. Stakeholders included public library trustees, public library directors, the Library Trustees Association of New York State, the New York State Division of Library Development, the New York Library Association along with members of PULISDO. Thirteen percent of New York's 6,000+ trustees responded to a survey to help shape the content of the curriculum.

"No one is born knowing how to be a public library trustee," commented HATS Team Mentor and Mid-Hudson Library System's Coordinator for Library Sustainability, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich , "and with responsibilities for the governance, finances, facilities and retention of the public's good will we need to give these honorable volunteers a fighting chance to do the best they can for the communities they serve. Library service is too important to leave to chance."

The curriculum includes five modules to help Public Library Systems provide relevant, up-to-date continuing education opportunities for public library trustees. The module topics include an orientation, legal issues, financial and fiduciary responsibilities, planning and advocacy and the most common habits of highly effective boards.

“The Library Trustees Association (LTA) is the only NYS regents chartered association for trustees, founded in 1949. Our mission is to represent, assist, honor and educate trustees as providers of universal library service. We are pleased to have worked with the HATS team on the curriculum and to have partnered with them on presentations and the sharing of information,” said Tim Gavin, Executive Director of the Library Trustees Association . “We encourage trustees throughout the state to attend HATS programs and we look forward to continuing to partner with the HATS team in future endeavors and as they refine their curriculum. The more education that trustees receive, the easier their roles will be, the stronger and more vibrant their libraries and communities will become, and the more recognition NY will receive as role models for the rest of our nation.”

Public library systems will each take the lead to customize the curriculum and offer regional workshops for local library trustees. PULISDO continues to create opportunities to support public library system staff in the implementation of the curriculum, ensuring that this curriculum continues to be relevant, accurate and a cornerstone for trustee education in New York State.

“NYLA is pleased to offer its endorsement of the HATS curriculum, and to support the goal of providing robust training opportunities to all those who serve as public library trustees across New York State, said Barbara Stripling, President of the New York Library Association , “The HATS program is a welcome positive step toward that goal. ”

To learn more about upcoming trustee education offerings in your region please contact your public library system.

Team HATS:
Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Mid-Hudson Library System (Team Mentor)
Lisa Erickson, Nioga Library System
Jennifer Ferriss, Southern Adirondack Library System
Ron Kirsop, Pioneer Library System
Grace Riario, Ramapo Catskill Library System
Amanda Travis, Onondaga County Public Library System
Team HATS got their start thanks to the ILEAD USA Program offered through The New York State Library.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact:
Lauren Moore, Chair, PULISDO