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Message from the Board: Based on 2 Surveys run by the RASS Board in 2016, we are moving ahead with 2 initiatives for 2018, and we need your help. 

RASS Noted Author Luncheon 2017

Dana Spiota, author of Innocents and OthersDana Spiotta is the author of four novels: Innocents and Others (2016), a finalist for the Los Angles Times Book Prize; Stone Arabia (2011), which was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; Eat the Document (2006), which was a finalist for the National Book Award; and Lightning Field (2001). Spiotta was a Guggenheim Fellow, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow, and was awarded the 2008-9 Rome Prize from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. She lives in Syracuse and teaches in the Syracuse University MFA program.

This is a ticketed event at the NYLA Annual Conference & Trade Show 2017


RASS Noted Author Luncheon 2010

Scott Spencer

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"Spencer has shown a powerful understanding of the price of passion..." (O, The Oprah Magazine)

"[Spencer] has written nothing less than An American Tragedy for the 21st century... Like Dreiser's masterpiece, 'Man in the Woods' illuminates American life by focusing on a single act of murder... each [charachter is] wildly different and each drawn with astonishing clarity... one of the book's deepest pleasures is the way it portrays the inner life of an artisan... W.C. Fields famously warned against sharing the stage with children and dogs, but Ruby and Shep are drawn with such haunting insight they'd even make that old drunk re-consider. It's an intimidating challenge to portray the inner life of a mongrel without being cute, and it's one of the book's many pleasures that Spencer brings it off... Another joy of the book is the way it toys with genre. Clearly, there are elements of noir and crime fiction at work here, but the story provides genre kicks without genre formula, so you never sense exactly where it's going... ferocious insight into our national psyche, so telling about our predilection to seek out a pseudo-apocalypse for comfort at the very moment that a genuine one is lurking just beyond our field of vision... So 'Man in the Woods' turns into a mystery encompassing not only Paul and Claff, but the character of America at the turn of the century. Filled with superb nature writing... as well as utterly original characters and a plot as compelling as a Lee Child tale, this is a book poised to take its place as an American classic." (The Huffington Post)

"[Spencer] writes love stories with such beauty that you want to savor every surprising phrase, but his intense, intriguing plots propel you to race along the pages. He does it again in his new book, a complex novel... fresh, and compelling. All of his characters...are vivid. He brings them alive through dialogue— internal and external— and a mixture of observations that please, shock and reassure with their honesty. He then provides a balancing dollop of subplot...Spencer maintains his mastery through the book's final pages, where the thrumming tension reaches a conclusion that is— what? Inevitable? Surprising? Hopeful? The choice will depend on the reader's own view of the world, but you should expect to come out of the woods shaken, and satisfied." (The Cleveland Plain Dealer)



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