Sustainability Initiative Committee (SI) Update

Submitted by Matthew Bollerman & Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, SI Co-Chairs

Greetings from the Sustainability Initiative!

We have launched an enewsletter. You can sign up here to get a monthly update on our work and tips and tricks to keep on this important work.

The Android version of the Road Map to Sustainability mobile app will be accessible any day now. The iOS version is currently available in the App Store. If you want a print copy of the Road Map they are $3 and can be ordered by visiting the website as well.

Benchmarking Project Phase 1 Goes Live in February:

Thanks to a grant from the NYS Energy & Research Development Authority (NYSERDA), Westchester Green Business has opened access for all public libraries in New York to their groundbreaking program that has helped dozens of businesses, nonprofits and the award winning Hendrick Hudson Free Library to focus operational decision making with an eye towards a sustainable, resilient future for themselves and our communities. This collaboration helps to bring to life the Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries unanimously passed in 2014 by the Council of the New York Library Association.

The program, Green Business Certification, provides a turnkey system to successfully integrate sustainable practices into library operations. Library leaders will learn exactly where resources are being wasted and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and save money. Proprietary performance tools are used to calculate the economic and environmental impacts of energy, travel, waste, water and refrigerants in a library, while staff surveys gauge behavioral impacts.

Expect to see a widespread announcement of this the week of February 6th.

We are looking for a cohort of 5-10 libraries of all types to help us field test the custom benchmarks developed by our Benchmarking Team. These benchmarks go beyond the environmental stewardship issues and help a library assess their efforts in the areas of economic feasibility and social equity/justice.