Guideline for Committee Chairs

1.    Please plan the year's program for your committee and send a schedule of events to the NYLA office for the NYLA calendar as soon as possible.

2.    The NYLA goal is a committee structure that provides for rotation of about one-third of the committee membership each year.  Each committee is requested to appoint or elect a Vice chair.

3.    Committee budget recommendations are due by the end of February of each year, after which the following year's budget will be developed.  Budget estimates should include:

a.    Regular expenditures (committee meetings, telephone, postage) that will not be picked up by the member's library or institution.
b.    Special project expenditures such as publications or research studies (these require specific review and approval by Council)    

4.    Committee expenses are submitted via the NYLA Reimbursement Request Form.  All committee expenses must be approved (signed) by you before they are submitted to the NYLA office for final approval and reimbursement.  Receipts must be attached.  The total year's expenses may not exceed the budget allowance.  Most committee business is done virtually and via meeting at Annual Conference.  If the work of your committee requires meetings during the year, every effort should be made to do so in the most economical way (utilizing another conference or event, for example), and scheduling the meeting in the most central location.  Overnight expenses are not reimbursed.  For any wavier on financial policy, prior approval is required.

5.    Copies of meeting notices, official correspondence, and meeting minutes shall be sent to the NYLA office so accurate and complete records of NYLA business will be up-to-date.

6.    If you wish to report committee activities in the Bulletin, please contact the Bulletin Editor (  The NYLA membership is eager to be kept informed of committee activity, so please try to send information whenever there is something to report.


8.    If your committee requires a task force to accomplish a specific goal consistent with your charge, you may organize one from among your membership, or recruit other NYLA members to help in the task.  Council approval is required for the formation of a Task Force.  If you require a formal subcommittee, Council approval is required and budgetary provisions must be in place.

9.    Committee chairs are appointed in accordance with the individual committee’s charge.  Reappointment for chair and members is permitted.  You are encouraged to involve other members of NYLA in committee work on an ad hoc basis.  They are not eligible for expense reimbursement.

10.    Please review the charge to your committee.  If it requires updating, expansion or substantive change, please contact the President or the NYLA Office.  A change on the charge to any committee can only be made with Council approval.

11.    NYLA staff is here to help you.  Please call them for help in arranging meetings, planning your work, advising you on other NYLA Sections, which might work with you on a specific item, legislative or legal implications, etc.


Guidelines for Committee Members

1.    Committee chairs and committee members, are appointed in accordance with the individual committee’s charge.  Reappointment for chair and members is permitted.  You are encouraged to involve other members of NYLA in committee work on an ad hoc basis.  They are not eligible for expense reimbursement.  Recommendations for Committee membership and chairmanships may be made to the President or Executive Director.

2.    If the President of the Association does not appoint a Vice Chair, then the committee should elect one at the first official meeting at which a quorum is present.

3.    For the purpose of electing a Vice-Chair, and all other committee business, a quorum of the committee shall consist of a simple majority.

4.    Members of the community may be suggested by the committee chair, or others, but the President of the Association appoints all members of the committee.  The President may add or delete from any list submitted by the committee chair, unless otherwise directed by Council.

5.    Each Committee Member should carefully review:

a.    a copy of these guidelines
b.    a copy of the committee charge section of the NYLA manual which pertains to the Committee.  It is the Chair's responsibility to see that this Section of the manual is up-to-date and recommend appropriate changes, if any, to the President.
c.    The Committee's budget

6.    All reports and/or resolutions presented to Council by a committee should be approved at a regularly scheduled meeting of the committee at which a quorum is present or as outlined above.

7.    Since committees may consist of members appointed from various parts of the state, the committee is encourages to conduct all or part of its work via e-mail, conference call and web conference. However, committee reports and/or resolutions submitted to Council can only contain what is agreed upon by a majority of its members.

8.    Committees must submit all published reports, resolutions, and recommendations to the Council for approval.  The Council may accept for filing or revise and or amend prior to action or publication.  Committees must submit copies of meeting notices and minutes to the NYLA office for historical files.

9.    If the revised or amended report or resolution does not meet with the approval of the committee chair, it may be referred back to committee for further consideration.  However, under no circumstances, may a committee issue a public report or take action on behalf of the New York Library Association without official Council approval. However, if the Executive Committee decides that the matter is not an emergency, it will be held over for action taken by Council.  Council will be notified of action taken by the Executive Board.

10.    Annual reports of committee activities must be submitted by August 15.

11.    Major expenses incurred by any committee must have prior approval for the NYLA office.


Committee Reports

Written committee reports are submitted for inclusion in the materials packet for all in-person NYLA Council meetings.

Council Meeting Dates (and reporting deadlines)