Membership Profile

Michelle Fernandez

Title: Director
Organization: Watervliet Public Library    
Interests / hobbies: I’m sufficiently in love with my job that I spend the vast majority of my time in libraryland, but when I come up for air, I can usually be found writing. I’m currently seeking representation for a novel I finished this year (hint, hint)!

Educational Background:
I earned my BA in English and Judaic Studies from SUNY Albany and my MA in English Literature from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. After teaching college writing for a brief time, I returned to Albany, where I completed an MS in Information Science from SUNY Albany in 2015.

Projects / Groups / Committees involved with at NYLA:
I am a member of PLS, the Ethnic Services Roundtable, and the Library Access Roundtable.

Projects / groups/ Committees involved with locally:
My principal project, since beginning my directorship in June of this year, has been improving services and programming at a(n already great!) small library, as well as strengthening my library’s existing relationship with our community, school district and local businesses.

Why are you still a member? What has being a member done for you? Please share some of your positive experiences as a NYLA member.
Being a member of NYLA affords me access to professional development opportunities I would otherwise miss. Perhaps more importantly, it has provided me with a network of colleagues throughout the state dedicated to the common values and challenges of librarianship.


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