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Rima O'Connor

Title: Assistant Director/Technology Coordinator
Organization: Alfred Box of Books Library, Alfred, NY
Interests / Hobbies: I am a licensed veterinary technician and own a pet sitting business.  I love hanging out with the critters; my “client” pets are like my own (extended) family.  I practice yoga and pilates.  I cook and bake a lot.  I am a vegetarian foodie, always looking for those perfect meatless recipes… and for great desserts that are low on sugar and big on flavor.   Good luck with that, right?

Educational Background:
My undergraduate degree is in English Lit, from Ohio University (go Bobcats!).  I have an MLIS from the University of Texas at Austin.  My vet tech degree is from Alfred State College.

Projects / Groups / Committees involved with at NYLA:
None at the moment.

Projects / groups/ Committees involved with locally:
I do the book keeping for the Allegany County Comfort House, which is a hospice care facility.

Why are you still a member? What has being a member done for you? Please share some of your positive experiences as a NYLA member.
This will be my first NYLA conference in many years, so I’m pretty excited about it.  It will be fun to see what has changed and what remains the same over the years since I attended a NYLA conference as an academic librarian.  I love Kelsey Dorado’s “News You Can Use” because it makes it easy for me to keep up with what’s going on in the field of librarianship.  I only work at the library part time, and I don’t have internet access at home, so Kelsey’s “column” is really valuable to me.


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