Rural Librarian Roundtable (RLRT) Update

RLRT Says Rural Libraries Are The Best!

by Eli Guinnee, The Best! Editor

NYLA’s Rural Libraries Round Table is now publishing a weekly newsletter, The Best!, which features the best opportunities, news, and tips for rural libraries in New York, along with interactive polls and competitions.  Rural libraries across the state are doing amazing things, and having a forum to share those things is helping to build a community and fight against isolation.   Recent issues included features about a rural library that has managed to host big name authors, a library that helps girl scouts get badges through its coding and robotics program, and another that figured out a way to include a maker program without much space or money.  

But the RLRT is much more than a newsletter.  The group is the voice of rural libraries, finding commonality through dialogue, and making policy recommendations to NYLA council.   RLRT president Margo Gustina adds, “The Rural Libraries Round Table (RLRT) is a group of library people who work in and/or advocate for rural libraries.  We talk through an email list and by phone, sharing ideas and challenges. We have a dynamite newsletter. We have fun meet ups.  Sometimes it feels so good to be able to hang out with someone who gets it without you explaining, who knows why you haven't gotten around to the window display or planning your programs a year in advance, and they won't judge you for it. We just try to break through the isolation we all feel sometimes.”

RLRT is looking for new members to join and encourages rural library lovers to consider adding RLRT to their NYLA membership.  A members-only meetup will be held on May 23 in Hammondsport. To learn more and register for the meetup, visit the RLRT website.    

The Best! is free and open to anyone who loves rural libraries (click here to view past issues and subscribe).  Give it a try!