Libraries Step Up (in times of crisis) Facebook Group

Submitted by Casey Conlin.

Sustainable libraries help make communities more resilient. The Ferguson Library was the only agency that stayed open to provide a safe space for all the people in the community in the aftermath and riots that resulted from the shooting of Michael Brown. For their commitment to their community, they were named 2015 Gale/LJ Library of the Year. The Spring 2015 Issue of JLAMS highlighted New York libraries that helped their communities keep going in the midst of crises. As we struggle with this weekend's shooting in Orlando, we can recognize our role as leaders in our community and our duty to make our communities sustainable, resilient, and regenerative. The Libraries Step Up (in times of crisis) Facebook Group is a great resource for sharing and learning about projects that help make our communities stonger. As the page states, "Our mission is to kick ass and save the day, library-style. We're a centralized location for collecting and disseminating information about urgent political or natural disasters' effects on libraries and library services."


Man plays cello amidst rubble of building.














The Sustainability Spotlight is a weekly series that highlights community-driven, environmentally sound, and economically responsible programs and projects in libraries and other organizations. You can find more projects in the Sustainability Spotlight Archive or visit NYLA's Sustainability Initiative to learn more about how you can get started with sustainability in your library.