Schuylerville Green Ribbon School Project

Since 2011, the Schuylerville Central School District and the Hudson Crossing Park have partnered to try and earn the national Green Ribbon status. Cindy Wian, parent and committee member stated "...that through the ambitious and consistent efforts of parent volunteers, teachers, students, administrators, and community members, the district has had great success in each of the four cornerstones: Natural Classrooms (learning about and through our environment), Health and Fitness, Nature and Adventure (encouraging time outdoors and in nature), and Eco-Campus (reducing environmental impact and "greening" the campus). The original inspiration came from a presentation by at a Children and Nature Network Conference."

The Schuylerville Public Library is one of several community partners. Brittany Cole, Program Coordinator, has been a regular attendee at the monthly meetings held in the elementary school library.  She has been instrumental in finding ways to connect programs and projects to the school district residents.  The library and Schuylerville GRS Project are working on a story walk which will incorporate the cornerstones and will align with the library’s strategic plan, encouraging family literacy through outdoor learning and exploration.  The library is proposing to use Denise Fleming's "In the small, small pond" with hopes to  pilot the story walk in May for the turtle count and then launch it to the public in the summer.  The idea is that readers would walk around Hudson Crossing while reading "Small Pond" and, with luck, the pages will tie in with things to see in the Park.
In 2015, New York State did not have any nominees for the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School Awards. This is an excellent opportunity for the library to take the lead! For more information about Green Schools visit or contact Cindy Wian or the Schuylerville Public L ibrary.



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