Tips for New Attendees

Here are some tips to help navigate the Annual Conference and Trade Show!

I registered for NYLA 2019…now what?

  1. Know your own and your organization's expectations from your attending the show.
  2. Separate your Trade Show list into “must see” and “want to see” so navigating the Trade Show is nice and easy
  3. Do some pre-conference networking! Don’t be afraid to figure out who else is going to NYLA 2017 and connect with them ahead of time.
  4. Bring lots of business cards with you!

NYLA 2019 has officially started!

  1. Maps are provided in the Conference program - use them to navigate the Trade Show floor.
  2. Bring a sweater and wear comfortable shoes! It’s much easier to focus and enjoy yourself when you’re comfortable.
  3. Don't feel the need to take every single freebie offered to you, unless you are trying to combine the trade show with your strength training routine.
  4. Skip overly crowded booths and make a note of their locations so you can come later when traffic is slower.
  5. Hand out those business cards you brought, and collect information from exhibitors you are interested in.  Make notes on the backs of business cards to jog your memory after you've returned to work and forgotten everything except how much fun the Conference was.
  6. Ask as many questions as you can. Both our exhibitors and programmers are here to help you, take advantage of it!
  7. Follow and add to the conference hashtag- #NYLA2019

Now that NYLA 2019 is over...

  1. Plan how you are going to implement information gathered and share it with your colleagues who weren't lucky enough to come to the show.
  2. Follow up! Reconnect with exhibitors whose goods and services you were especially interested in, programmers who you enjoyed, and others you may have met!
  3. Post your favorite Conference and Trade Show memories to our NYLA Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages! #NYLA2019
  4. Get ready to do it all again next year!

Still have questions?  Contact us for further assistance!