Tips for First-Timers

Conference Basics

  1. Wear your nametag everywhere - in the conference center, that is!  Stick it in your bag when you're out on a tour or enjoying the surrounding area.
  2. Bring business cards with you - and don't forget to give them out!
  3. Don't just hand out business cards - this is your opportunity to meet people.  Put down the cell phone and network!
  4. Carry snacks and drinks - we will keep you nice and busy during the day, and we don't want any hangry attendees!
  5. Maps are provided in the Conference program - use them to locate hotels and to navigate the Conference and Trade Show.
  6. If you are totally and completely lost and need some human assistance, come back to the registration desk and we will be happy to help!
  7. There's an [NYLA] app for that!  More information coming soon regarding the Annual Conference and Trade Show app!

Make the Most of YOUR Conference & Trade Show

  1. Select the programs, meetings, events, and networking opportunities that best suit your job responsibilities and your organization's needs.  Familiarize yourself with the brochure before you arrive!
  2. Be sure to include travel time when putting together your daily schedule.  Don't worry about showing up late or leaving early, but please be respectful of speakers and other attendees.
  3. Have a backup program or event in mind in case your original choice doesn't work out.
  4. Give yourself adequate time for the Trade Show - there are LOTS of exhibitors to meet and discover how their goods or services could help your library!
  5. Be sure to check out the Navigating NYLA Orientation (date, time and location TBA!).  This free event will help you get the most out of your Conference AND your NYLA membership!

Make Lasting Connections

  1. Get to know your fellow attendees!  Speak up, ask questions, and take advantage of this opportunity to learn from and share with your fellow librarians and related professionals.
  2. Exchange contact information and business cards with everyone you meet.  Write notes to yourself on business cards you receive - you will meet a LOT of people and it can be hard to recall everyone when you're back in your office.
  3. To get even more involved in NYLA, a section, a roundtable, or another level of the Association, attend meetings and introduce yourself to the chairperson.

The Takeaway

  1. Aren't you glad you wrote notes on all those business cards you collected?  Send follow-up emails to the contacts and presenters you met to keep the connections going.
  2. Use what you learned - review your notes and materials and figure out how you can use these new resources in your position and at your library.
  3. Share your new-found knowledge and ideas with your co-workers who weren't lucky enough to attend the Conference themselves!
  4. Tweet, tag, and talk about your experiences at #NYLA2017!

New NYLA member?  Check out the New Members Subcommittee (NMES)!

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