2014 NYLA Legislative and Budgetary Priorities

Printer Friendly Version of NYLA 2014 Legislative Priorities (PDF) Updated 2-10-14


Fully fund NYS libraries at $102M as Mandated in Education Law
Provide desperately needed funding to maintain NYS’s critical information infrastructure. Enable libraries to continue delivering needed educational and enrichment services to every New Yorker.

2014 NYLA Budget Talking Points

The Governor, Senate and Assembly have now all released their proposed budgets and they will negotiate a final budget based on those documents over the next two weeks. A quick summary:

•    Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget included $81.6M in library aid, (a $4M cut from FY13-14);
•    The NYS Assembly’s budget included $83.6M in library aid, restoring half of the Governor’s cut (+$2M over Executive Proposal). This is largest proposed increase in library aid the Assembly has allocated in several years.  It is important to view this action as our issue gaining traction and putting us in a better position to negotiate.
•    The NYS Senate’s budget included $89.6M in library aid, (+$8M over Executive Proposal). This is our top-line number, and we must do everything we can to make sure it is nonnegotiable during the final budget formulation process.


The enacted state budget represents a vast improvement over Governor Cuomo's proposed Executive Budget, but also a failure on the part of our elected leaders to adequately address several inequitable realities faced by the library community. The budget will include a hard-won $5 million increase in library system aid. This far outpaces proposed library funding form both the Governor and Assembly, and not only restores the Governor's $4 million cut, but continues to move state library aid along the path to full funding under the law. Also included is $14 million for the state library construction aid program, and $1.3 million offset for library systems subject to the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax.

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Use NYLA's Online Advocacy Center to send a pre-drafted message of thanks to your elected representatives for their support of Library Aid funding.



Library Construction Aid & Matching Provisions                            
S.6329 Farley / A.8732 Thiele
Retain current program guidelines on matching requirements to ensure libraries in economically disadvantaged areas are able to make needed capital improvements.
Status: signed into law by Governor Cuomo on July 22, 2014. L.2014 c.148.

Exempt Public Libraries and Library Systems from the MTA Payroll Tax              
S.1891-A Martins / A.1665-A Abinanti
Includes libraries with educational institutions already exempt from the commuter tax.
Status: amended and recommitted to Senate Committee on Investigations and Government Operations  2/27/14; amended and recommitted to Assembly Ways and Means 3/4/14. 

Maintenance of Effort Waivers                                 
S.2857-B Farley / A.8852 Thiele
Allows libraries to apply for maintenance of effort waivers to be granted by the NYS Commissioner of Education for a period of up to three years. 
Status: signed into law by Governor Cuomo on August 11, 2014. L.2014 c.287.

Encourage Digital Literacy Education in our Schools                        
S.2855 Farley / A.8735 Thiele
Substitutes the term “digital literacy” for the dated term “internet safety” in Education Law to better prepare students to effectively use technology.
Status: passed Senate 6/10/14; referred to Assembly Education Committee 2/7/14.

EDC Study on Economic Benefits of Public Libraries                  
S.5854 Farley / A.7666-A Kellner
Allows the Economic Development Corporation to conduct a study on the economic impact of public libraries and library systems in New York State.
Status: referred to Senate Education Committee 1/8/14; passed Assembly 3/13/14.    

Expand Access to Certified School Librarians and Libraries
A.9699 Thiele / S.7922 Farley
Students with access to school libraries staffed by certified School Library Media Specialists consistently score higher on tests by the fourth grade.
Status: referred to Senate Rules on 6/19/14; referred to Assembly Ways and Means 5/28/14.

Taxpayer Access to Publicly-Funded Research                             
S.4050-A Robach / A.180-A Hevesi
Requires publicly-funded research that has been submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals to be made available online.
Status: amended and recommitted to Senate Finance 2/10/14; amended and recommitted to Assembly Governmental Operations 2/18/14.

2014 NON-BUDGET Talking Points

Digitial Version Updated 8/26/14

Printer Friendly Version of NYLA 2014 Legislative Priorities (PDF) Updated 2-10-14


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