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What is the Leadership and Management Section (LAMS)?

LAMS is the only organization within NYLA that addresses topics related to leadership and management issues in all types of libraries.

LAMS membership includes library directors, supervisors, financial officers and department heads from a broad range of institutions and organizations.

Who should join LAMS?

Any librarian who serves in an administrative, supervisory, or management position, in any type of library, as well as librarians who aspire to a leadership role in their institutions.

Membership in LAMS is open to any NYLA member.

What are the benefits of joining LAMS?

LAMS offers a unique forum for learning about new developments in library management, as well as resources for finding answers to some of the more elusive questions facing administrators in their daily work. Now that LAMS is a section of NYLA, there are many opportunities to get involved or influence its direction and priorities, including:

Programs: LAMS usually sponsors four programs at the NYLA annual conference. Past programs have covered crisis management, statistics from community analysis and focus groups, space planning for new technologies, personnel issues, and time management. In 2000, we sponsored a daylong LAMA (Library Administration and Management Association of ALA) institute "Organizational Culture: Transforming Your Library for Success" in Albany. 

Lunch With Library Leaders: This popular event at the NYLA Annual Conference plays host to "big name" professionals in the New York library field, including members of the Board of Regents. Each has a seat at a table, giving those who attend the luncheon an opportunity to ask questions, discuss library issues, or address specific concerns with them.

JLAMS: The semiannual refereed electronic journal disseminates the best practices and best thinking in the state, with a library management focus.

Newsletter: Published biannually, LAMS Bulletin provides summaries of LAMS events, information about upcoming activities, news, editorials, reviews, and articles on relevant issues.

Web site: In addition to posting issues of the LAMS Bulletin, information about the Section, and the organization's bylaws and officers, the web page has Civil Services Titles available in .pdf format as well as the Librarian's Guide to Civil Service. Both publications were developed by the Human Resources and Professional Development Committee (HRPD), which merged into LAMRT in 2002, becoming LAMS in 2003.

How can I participate in LAMS?

LAMS welcomes a broad range of participation in the organization. You can write an article for the newsletter or JLAMS, serve on a committee, chair a committee, participate in informal discussions at NYLA, offer suggestions or comments at officer meetings or membership meetings held at NYLA Annual Conference, help staff the LAMS booth, manage the LAMS web site, assist in program planning and implementation. The options are unlimited and we welcome your suggestions!

What are LAMS's concerns?

LAMS's concerns are your concerns. Some of the topics we have explored recently in programs and in the LAMS Bulletin and the LAMS web site include:

How do I join?

Check the LAMS section option when you renew your NYLA membership. Or, if you prefer choose LAMS as a second section for an additional small fee per year for individual members. [more information]

How do I volunteer?

Go back to our officers list and let anybody know that you are interested in getting involved!