2014 Conference Program Descriptions

Thursday, November 6

Conference Keynote Address
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Rich Harwood

NYLA is proud to announce our 2014 Keynote Speaker, Rich Harwood, founder and president of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, a national nonprofit organization based in Bethesda, Maryland. The institute teaches and coaches people and organizations to solve pressing community challenges, improve their own effectiveness, and do their work in a way that makes communities stronger. Click here for more information.

Program Slot #1
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM

Open Textbooks and Textbook Publishing Services

Sponsor: ASLS
Between 2002 and 2012, the cost of textbooks rose 82%, as reported by the 2013 U.S. GAO report College Textbooks. The 2012 Florida Student Textbook Survey found that because of textbook costs, students at times: 64% didn’t purchase a required textbook, 45% didn’t register for a course, 49% took fewer courses, and 27% dropped a course.The cost to students and learning is severe, and maintaining library textbooks on reserve is a limited, expensive, and unsustainable solution. Academic libraries and their academic institutions need new strategies that reduce the cost of
textbooks.  This session will discuss the Open SUNY Textbook Program and other library strategies.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Cyril Oberlander, SUNY Geneseo
Donna Dixon, SUNY Press
Steve Weiter, Moon Library, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

After Prison, Now What?

Sponsor: CORT / RLSP
Come hear what this panel from the Schenectady County Re-entry Task Force has to say about the needs of the formerly incarcerated, their families, and their children. (Over 100,000 children in New York  State have a currently incarcerated parent.) Last year's attendees found the  lively discussion eye-opening and informative- covering concrete, philosophical and behavioral issues.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Tim Staples, Center for Community Justice
Katrina Koren, New Choices Recovery
Don Bishop, New Choices Recovery
Eric Campana, Care Central/Ellis Medicine
Will Rivas, Altamont Program/the Monastery

Structuring for Success

Sponsor: LAMS
The best organizational structure for our libraries changes over time and varies based on size and strategy.  But an effective structure must help you, your employees, and your volunteers meet your goals and objectives.   Learn to modify structures and improve communication to promote individual initiative, engagement, and success.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Linda Krzykowski, Ph.D., UAlbany School of Business
Richard Naylor,, William K. Sanford Town Library

Update on 2020 Vision Plan: Creating the Future

An update on “Creating the Future: a 2020 Vision Plan for Library Service in New York State.” Find out what progress has been made and share success stories and challenges with colleagues.
Track: Administration & Leadership
John Hammond, Chairperson, Regents Advisory Council on Libraries
Bernard Margolis, State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries, NYSL
Jeffrey Cannell, NYSED- NYSL

Library-Driven Oral History Community Projects

Sponsor: PLS
An oral history project at The New York Public Library is engaging patrons in preserving neighborhood history. Learn more about this project, as well as the step-by-step approach for training staff and patrons to collect oral histories of their communites. Program participants will be presented with an Oral History Interviewer Handbook and be given the opportunity to use iPads and other recording equipment to conduct mock interviews. There will also be time to have specific questions answered about your library’s homegrown oral history project.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Speaker: Alexandra Kelly, New York Public Library

Creative Aging in America's Libraries: a National Leadership Project

Sponsor: RASS / RLSP
Discover how to transform programs and services for older adults at your library through meaningful instructional arts programs. Lifetime Arts, in partnership with Westchester Library System and the ALA’s Public Programs Office, is implementing “Creative Again in America’s Libraries,” the national expansion of their successful New York State focused 2011 IMLS project. Get an in-depth look at the groundbreaking tools developed by Lifetime Arts, including the Creative Aging Toolkit for Public Libraries, Lifetime Arts Creative Aging Roster, and Lifetime Arts Affiliate Network. The
presentation will include an overview of current creative aging research and best practices – with a focus on lifelong learning.
Track: User Services
Maura O'Malley, Lifetime Arts
Terry Kirchner, Westchester Library System

Selecting Self-Published Authors

Sponsor: SCLA / RASS
Whether it is children's literature and picture books or eBooks available through Overdrive, more and more authors are self‐published. While libraries have become more open to purchasing self‐published items, many librarians are concerned that with great quantity it has become hard to find the quality items their patrons want and need. We'll show you some tools and tips for reviewing quality and  discuss some real life library problems with self‐published items. From children's books to titles for teen and adults, from romance to non‐fiction, let's start a conversation!
Track: Current Issues & Research
Samantha Alberts, Suffolk County Library Association
Lisa Kropp, Suffolk County Library Association
Kris Minschke, Suffolk County Library System

Making a MakerSpace

Sponsor: SMART
Hear about what a MakerSpace means to its members and how this particular one has enriched its community. Get insight into MakerSpace lessons learned as well. Multiple members of the Triple Cities MakerSpace will be present.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Speaker: Drew LaCock, Triple Cities MakerSpace

After School Parties, Games, and Clubs

Sponsor: YSS
Come hear a panel discuss a number of fun activities public libraries offer children after a long day of school, such as arts and crafts, Battle of the Books, LEGO, and Minecraft.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Molly Chatt, East Greenbush Community Library
Ann-Marie Helldorfer, William K Sanford Town Library

Program Slot #2
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

What Prison Librarians Do: Programs

Sponsor: CORT / NMES
Each panelist will outline a recently successful program. Come learn about: a quarterly newsletter written by inmates at Groveland, prisoner participation in a summer reading program at Eastern and Otisville, spelling bee at Bedford Hills, the Book Showdown at Gowanda, and a book discussion group about the Holocaust at Coxsackie. The New Members' group is co-sponsoring because the NYS Civil Service Librarian list fills mostly DOCCS library positions - here is a chance to see what happens inside these 54 libraries!
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Karrie Torres, Otisville CF
Stephen Almasi, Coxsackie CF
Corinne Leone, Gowanda CF
Susanne Hermans, Bedford Hills CF
Doug Petric, Groveland CF
Janet Dymond, Ulster CF
Judy Doyle, Hudson CF / CORT

You Got the Job, Now What?

Sponsor: LAMS
It’s your first day.  You’ve been introduced to everyone.  You sit down at your desk alone for the first time, what’s next?  Hear how to navigate the internal and external politics of a new position, define your job and role within the workplace, and adjust to your first administrative position.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Sarah Hougton, San Rafael Public Library
Rebecca Lubin, Voorheesville Public Library
Frank Rees, Saugerties Public Library
Tara Lannen-Stanton, Queens Library

Empire State Digital Network and DPLA

Sponsor: NY3Rs
Hear from a panel of Empire State Digital Network coordinators and contributors and learn how this statewide service hub is helping to bring New York’s digital collections to the Digital Public Library of America.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Kerri Willette, Empire State Digital Network Manager

How to Serve Your Diverse Community

Sponsor: NYBLC
From community outreach to programming and purchasing the right material, join us for this panel discussion to learn new ways and best practices to serve your diverse community.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Speakers: TBD

TAG You’re It! Becoming Visible and Vital

Sponsor: NYLA-Program
Is your light hidden under a bushel? Do you feel no one knows what you do? Learn the technique the business world has long recognized as vital for imprinting a company’s prime purpose/goal in the minds of consumers and bring your program front and center. Send a carefully crafted message that shows stakeholders why the library program is unique and indispensable.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Speaker: Hilda Weisburg, author, editor, consultant

Legal Issues for Public and Association Libraries
Sponsor: PLS / PULISDO
This is a continuation of the PLS “Legal Issues” series. Library law experts, Ellen Bach and Robert Schofield, will continue to develop our lay knowledge of the law.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Ellen Bach, Whiteman, Osterman and Hanna
Robert Schofield, Whiteman, Osterman and Hanna

Marketing Your Library’s Best Features

Sponsor: RASS / PLS
Discover how to market your library and how to promote collections, services, and programs. Learn marketing tips and strategies covering everything from new social media tools and traditional advertising methods to initiating positive word-of-mouth campaigns.
Track: User Services
Speaker: Victor Caputo, Byrant Library and Supernova Marketing and Public Relations Consultants

Patron Privacy in a Library 2.0 World

Sponsor: SMART / IFRT
We will focus on developing practical approaches to identifying privacy gaps and suggest methods for monitoring legislation pertinent to library user data. Also being discussed are ways in which library staff can collaborate to strengthen user protections as well as technological tools designed to improve privacy in networked environments.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Speaker: Stephanie Hess, Binghamton University

Empowering Innovative Leadership Through the Library

Sponsor: SSL / LAMS
Librarians are often working so hard to manage and implement their programs that effectively promoting the program gets overlooked. This workshop will help identify innovative strategies, practices, and programs to empower shared leadership in and through the library. The presenter will share best practices that have impacted her school library program and facilitate an exchange of ideas via audience exemplars from all libraries. Workshop will focus on gathering ideas and concepts that raise the level of member engagement and can be replicated and adapted in a variety of settings, programs, and libraries.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Speaker: Sue Kowalski,, Pine Grove Middle School


YSS Membership Meeting
Sponsor: YSS
Author and photographer Charles R. Smith, Jr. will talk about photography, poetry, and the power of words.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Speaker: Charles R. Smith, Jr.,

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