NYLA Virtual Advocacy Activites 2016

Can't make it to Albany on Wednesday, March 2 for Library Advocacy Day?  Not to worry!  There are many other ways you can contribute to the effort and speak out for libraries.



Post or tweet your love of libraries and your support for FULL FUNDING of Library Aid using the hashtag

#NYLALAD16 (NYLA Library Advocacy Day 2016)

Not sure what to Tweet?  Use one of out these samples:

Since 2007 Library Aid in NYS is down 20% even though the number of items borrowed has increased over 11% http://bit.ly/12gOSTq #NYLALAD16

Libraries are the #1 point of internet access for those that do not have access at home. Fund Library Aid. http://bit.ly/12gOSTq #NYLALAD16

Libraries saved NYers $1.8B in '11 versus the cost of buying the items borrowed. Fully Fund Library Aid. http://bit.ly/12gOSTq #NYLALAD16

Library Aid is less than 1/10 of 1% of the NYS Budget - Support Fully Funding Library Aid - http://bit.ly/12gOSTq #NYLALAD16


Not sure what to post to Facebook or Instagram?  Check out these samples images:

1.8 Billion Button Access Button
Data Sharing Button Unlimited Data Button



Delivering the Message

  1. Look up your elected representative - click HERE.
  2. Find them on social media.
  3. Post these images and message to THEIR Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

If you haven't already done so, make sure to send a letter to your elected representatives using NYLA's Online Advocacy Center. 



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