Broadcasted Programs

Welcome to the 2020 NYLA Virtual Conference & Trade Show's Programming Catalogue – Broadcasted Programs! These programs will ONLY be available to view during their program time slot. So, make sure to prioritize these and add them to your calendar! Again, we send a big thank you to our 2020 NYLA Conference Curators for pulling together a plethora of programs that capture the expertise, talent, and diversity of our library community.  

Please Note: This year, we are offering programs that are broadcasted and on-demand throughout the duration of the conference. In the spirit of our theme "Strengthening Our Core" – each of our programs is categorized by their core value. 

Programming Catalogue Key

Broadcasted Programming: 📡

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THURSDAY, November 5

Program Slot 1 | 1:30PM - 2:30PM

📡 Developing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Training for Library Staff


Core Value: Diversity

Program Description: Equity, diversity, and inclusion training for library staff has emerged as a critical strategy to develop the workforce of the future and for maximizing the performance of current staff. A successful EDI program seeks to meaningfully engage staff in an effort to create a workplace culture that is affirming, representative, and inclusive. Cultural competency is not an intuitive skill, and it requires ongoing diversity training at all levels to learn and develop the skills and comfort level needed in working with other cultures. EDI training serves to educate staff about how to work collaboratively with people from different backgrounds and to raise awareness regarding privilege, unconscious bias, and social justice. Panelists will present how their institutions have implemented equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) training for employees and share what they have learned in the process.

Program Speakers: 

Manuel Figueroa, Queens Public Library




Jamia Williams, University of Rochester, Edward G. Miner Library




Grace Riario, Ramapo Catskill Library System





Jo-Ann Wong, General Librarian, Queens Public Library





📡 What Library Hiring Managers Wished You Knew

Program Sponsors: NYBLC / ASLS, LAMS, NMN, SCLA

Core Value: Professionalism

Program Description: What Library Hiring Managers Wished You Knew Conducting a job search for the perfect new team member can be tricky. Hiring managers continue to face a constant struggle to find the right person and often find themselves faced with the reality of having hired the wrong person. This panel of hiring managers will share what they perceive to be important factors in finding the perfect candidate during the hiring process. Come learn how to avoid key mistakes that trip up many applicants; enabling you to hone in on what matters to your potential employer. The panelist will also discuss the importance of diversity and why candidates from typically underrepresented backgrounds should be encouraged to apply for vacant positions. Our panelists have experience in public and private academic institutions as well as public libraries. Join us to learn exactly what hiring managers wished you knew. Join our panel of library hiring managers/directors as they share their insights on hiring practices while attendees learn the "Do's and Don'ts" of submitting applications.

Program Speakers: 

Simone L Yearwood, CUNY, Queens College




 Dr. Moddie Breland, Mercy College




Michael J. Miller, CUNY Queens College, and Sandra Echols, Long Island University - Palmer School 



📡 Grassroots Community Organizing for Socio-Economic Development

Program Sponsors: SRRT / LAMS

Core Value: Social Responsiblity

Program Description: This workshop will showcase projects available to libraries in partnership with community members and organizations, as well as the meaningful impacts that they can have towards their community's socio-economic development. We will discuss library projects regarding Self-publishing and Digital Literacy, Coding, and Electronics with Underserved Populations, as well as Advocacy and Sustainability.

Program Speakers: 

 Dragana Drobnjak





 Trudi Antoine, Onondaga County Public Libraries 







📡 Beyond Thunderdome Regenerative Thinking for Libraries

Program Sponsors: START / LAMS, SCLA

Core Value: Sustainability

Program Description: Is your library, library staff, building, programs, collections adding new capital to your community? Would you agree that your library is "bringing new and energetic life to fruition" by all you do? If the answer is maybe or no, then come explore the concept of regenerative thinking. Explore the concepts of capital, who are the true stakeholders in our community, and are they being heard.

Program Speakers: 

 Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Mid-Hudson Library System




Matthew Bollerman, Hauppauge Public Library 


Program Slot 2 | 3:00 PM - 4:00PM

📡 Armchair Advocacy Without the Jitters

Program Sponsors: ASLS / FLS, LAMS

Core Value: Education & Life Long Learning

Program Description: When you have an appointment with an elected official and have a seat in their office, will you be ready with vital talking points?  Will your chat be clear, memorable, and persuasive?  All advocacy comes down to a personal conversation.  Learn techniques that will help you speak conversationally, authoritatively, and sound genuine.  With preparation and solid reasoning, you'll build stronger professional relationships with library stakeholders and get your message across with finesse.

Program Speakers: TBD


📡  Social Media for Small Libraries

Program Sponsors: SMART / FLS

Core Value: Education & Life Long Learning

Program Description: Social Media is an increasingly important medium for connecting with community members, but embarking on an effective social media campaign can seem overwhelming to smaller-sized libraries facing staff and budgetary constraints. Social media practices can be successfully implemented by small libraries to help advocate for, promote, and celebrate the library. This program will help libraries decide which social media platforms to focus upon, how to find the time to consistently use social media, and what content engages users. Tools, tips, tricks, and shortcuts included!

Program Speaker: Suzanne Macaulay, Pioneer Library System 



📡 Balancing Ethical Issues in Public Libraries

Program Sponsors: IFRT / LTA

Core Value: Intellectual Freedom

Program Description: Public library staff suddenly find themselves facing a difficult encounter or decision and searching for guidance. This program demonstrates how ALA's Code of Ethics encompasses and supports two core principles of the library profession Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Intellectual Freedom.  Through scenarios involving patron behavior, controversial programming and diversity in collection development, panelists will lead the audience in discussing ethical issues and applying the code of Ethics in real-life situations.

Program Speakers: 

 Sara Dallas, Southern Adirondack Library System




 Nick Buron, Queens Public Library





📡 What's New in Employment Law?

Program Sponsors: LTA / LAMS

Core Value: Professionalism

Program Description: How do changes in employment law, particularly New York State law, change what is required of libraries as employers, including new policy requirements, increased potential legal liability, and other concerns?

Program Speakers: 

 Ellen M. Bach, Whiteman, Osterman & Hanna LLP 





 Robert T. Schofield, Whiteman, Osterman & Hanna LLP 





📡  New to NYLA

Program Sponsors: NYLA

Core Value: N/A

Program Description: Is this your first NYLA conference? Are you looking to be more engaged in NYLA?  Come talk with Jeremy Johannesen, NYLA Executive Director, and learn how to get involved and make the most out of this year's conference, and your membership!

Program Speaker: Jeremy Johannesen, NYLA

FRIDAY, November 6

Program Slot 3 | 8:00 AM - 9:00AM

📡 Library Law for the Win!

Program Sponsors: LTA / PULISDO

Core Value: Profesionalism

Program Description: Libraries are governed by a complex web of law and regulations. As trustees focus on operations, budget, and strategic planning, the need to consider legal compliance can feel overwhelming.  How can a board transform this perceived burden into a benefit? By exploring several common scenarios, attendees will learn techniques and practice with materials to help trustees not only comply with the law, but to use a focus on legal compliance to enhance your library's mission

Program Speakers: 

 Stephanie (Cole) Adams, The Law Office of Stephanie Adams, PLLC




Martha Anderson


📡 Leading the Library Through Turbulent Times

Program Sponsors: LAMS 

Core Value: Service

Program Description: Has your library experienced a financial crisis? Have you had a staff shakeup? Has your library experienced a disaster that destroyed part or all of the library? How do you recover from such experiences? This workshop will give you the tools to work with your staff on communicating your library's message, ensuring your staff's well-being during times of crisis, and team building. This workshop will give you the tools to address the public during times of crisis, community conflict, or disasters and how best to position the library in the community and to the press.

Program Speakers: 

 Terry Kirchner, Westchester Public Library





 Jennifer Brown, The Field Library 






📡 Creating and Sharing Meaningful Messages

Program Sponsors: MPRRT / FLS, LTA

Core Value: The Public Good

Program Description: This workshop will help library staff, directors, trustees, and friends win public support and attract public funds to benefit their library. Participants will learn to craft messages that will generate supporters and followers for their library. At the workshop, we'll review effective advocacy strategies for creating and delivering messages that resonate with your audience.

Program Speakers: 

Casey Conlin, Mid-Hudson Library System




Courtney Wimmers, Mid-Hudson Library System 





📡 Tackling Sex Ed in the Public Library

Program Sponsors: YSS / LGBTQIART, RASS, ULU

Core Value: The Public Good

Program Description: Attendees will hear how to offer judgment-free, unbiased, and inclusive programs about puberty, sex, and sexuality using library resources and community partnerships. Rakisha has extensive experience in young adult services, having worked as a Senior Young Adult Librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library for fifteen years. She has facilitated puberty and sexual health at her library for teens and staff during. Her passion for providing positivity-based sex education comes from a desire to lead patrons to accurate information.  There is a demonstrated need for these types of workshops in public libraries. A 2017 study of New York City public schools revealed that nearly half of all eighth-grade students are not taught mandated sex education. A 2012 New York Statewide study conducted by the New York Civil Liberties Union stated that many public schools across New York provide a sexual education curriculum that is inaccurate, incomplete, and biased. According to a Guttmacher Institute study, only 24 states in the United States have mandated sex education classes. Of the States that offer mandatory and voluntary classes, 27 of them require that abstinence be stressed and only 13 of them are required to be medically accurate.  Low sexual education literacy for teens leads to unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. This is where public libraries can step in and provide teens trustworthy and judgment-free information.

Program Speakers: 

 Rakisha Kearns-White, Brooklyn Public Library 





Program Slot 4 | 10:30 AM - 11:30AM

📡 Collaborating to Bridge the Gap

Program Sponsors: SLSA / ASLS, ESLN, SSL, YSS

Core Value: Education & Life Long Learning

Program Description: When speaking with high school and academic librarians a key trend emerges: students are not prepared for college-level research. This is a problem that has been pervasive for many years and one that cannot be solved alone. Collaboration with multiple stakeholders is the key to a successful transition from high school to college-level research. In this presenter’s experience, working with the regional library resource council, a library system representative of all types of libraries, has proven to be a valuable resource that has assisted with the beginning of a conversation and moving that conversation forward with action. This presentation will focus on the success created when multiple groups work together to prepare students for college-level research. Participants will leave with their own plan to begin this process.

Program Speakers: 

Kerrie Burch, Questar III BOCES



Susanne Ford-Croghan


📡 Library Closures: Representing The Unrepresented

Program Sponsors: ULU / ESRT, NYBLC, SRRT

Core Value: Access

Program Description: Capital improvements to aging public libraries are necessary for the integration of new services and features. Preparations for branch closures include the presence of bookmobiles but overlook the need for interim library spaces. Join the branch manager of the East Flatbush Library as she shares strategies to engage library administration in the planning of temporary library locations, discuss ways to advocate about broader community partnerships, and offer examples of spaces.

Program Speakers: 

 Larissa Larrier, Brooklyn Public Library – East Flatbush 


📡 When YOU are the HR Department

Program Sponsors: RLRT / LAMS

Core Value: Professionalism

Program Description: Many directors have no previous supervisory or management experience yet they are expected to hire, train, evaluate, counsel, and terminate staff all while adhering to the law. This workshop will help identify the tools needed to provide professional, consistent, personnel practices at your library. We will also discuss the team of professionals you need to assemble to provide vital legal, risk management, and day-to-day support. Topics covered will include training and evaluation tools, job and position descriptions, employee handbooks, onboarding, and the role of ongoing feedback. We will discuss when to seek professional advice and the role of the board personnel committee. Co-Presenter Julie Kelsall-Dempsey will also discuss the role of civil service in HR practices.

Program Speakers: Carol Fortier, Beekman Library and Julie Kelsall-Dempsey, Highland Public Library



📡 Pathways to Professional Diversity Through Library Internships


Core Value: Social Responsiblity

Program Description: The Public Library Association’s (PLA) Inclusive Internship Initiative (III) offers paid, summer-long internships to high school students at their local public library. Over the course of the summer, each intern works with a library mentor on a community-based learning project. Through III, students from diverse backgrounds are introduced to careers in librarianship, library mentors practice leadership skills, and host libraries grow new audiences through outreach and programming. We believe this initiative can and should be adapted for New York State through the New York Library Association.

Program Speakers: 

Cassie Guthrie, Greece Public Library





 Andrea Snyder, Pioneer Library System 




Program Slot 5 | 2:00 PM - 3:00PM

📡 Malcolm Hill Lecture: Sites of Action How Libraries Advance Social Justice

Program Sponsors: PULISDO 

Core Value: Diversity

Program Description: Libraries have long been places for community, learning, and sites of connection. Now more than ever, libraries have the responsibility and the opportunity to advance the stated core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to structural and systemic changes that advance social change. Developing an equitable, inclusive, and social justice organization requires buy-in and work from everyone, but without leadership’s vision and support many DEI initiatives fail to make systemic change. LB Hannahs, Senior Strategist at Tangible Development and scholar on strategic diversity change, will share practical tools leaders can take to be the driver of change in your library and help libraries become sites of action for the cultural shifts happening all around us.

Program Speakers: 

LB Hannahs





📡 Teen Mental Health Resource Collaboration

Program Sponsors: YSS / LGBTQIART, SCLA, SLSA, SSL

Core Value: Education & Life Long Learning

Program Description: Become part of a resource sharing session where we will discuss the need for a mental health collection in your library, suggestions for what works, and recommendations of favorite teen mental wellness resources. Presenters will share rationale, criteria, and lists of resources used to build the collection, along with strategies they used to tap into the expertise of mental health professionals as they developed a collection of Mental Health Resources for teens, staff, and the community. West Genesee High School Library and Onondaga Free Public Library have partnered to create and share their Mental Health Resources to support struggling teens and their families. In collaboration with school guidance counselors, social workers, and community health organizations, this collection provides relevant information and options that can help struggling teens. If teens can think through the moment, they can plan for the future. Teens need access to curated resources on mental health topics in a delivery system that is immediately pertinent, geared to their learning style, and supportive.  While there is no replacement for professional care, this mental health resource links students to support networks in their school and community, provides books/ebooks, databases, podcasts, videos, websites, Ted Talks and apps in hopes that it will provide a conduit to crisis intervention and mental wellness. Mental Health Resources:

Program Speakers: 

 Mary Gotham, West Genesee High School




 Alyssa Newton, Onondaga Free Library 







📡 Skilled Up! Librarians Re-purposing Their Careers

Program Sponsors: ASLS / LAMS

Core Value: Education & Life Long Learning

Program Description: In today’s ever-changing library environment, you can manage your career by re-purposing your current transferable skills into your next position, while creating your own rules for your career. This workshop will provide you with the tools to decide what success looks like for you and what actions you’re prepared to take to achieve it. Participants will gain knowledge on how to develop successful relationships with current and former managers (if applicable), mentors, coaches, and accountability partners. Participants will be provided with worksheets to create a picture of their future success and define their longer-term ambitions. In addition, uncover their wealth of skills, strengths, achievements, and resources that will help them achieve to develop criteria to identify, create, and evaluate opportunities.

Program Speakers: Sandra Echols, NYLA/NYBLC 


Program Slot 6 | 3:30 PM - 4:30PM

📡 TERF Wars

Program Sponsors: LGBTQIART 

Core Value: Diversity

Program Description: Several public libraries have played host to anti-trans speakers, despite community feedback and protests. Those libraries proceeded with events, citing freedom of speech. Trans people are dealing with a constant state of precariousness legally, socially, and in workplaces. How do we align library policies, ideals, the Library Bill of Rights, and our codes of conduct when it comes to speech attacking marginalized groups? How do we uphold freedom of speech without allowing it to be weaponized? What is our responsibility as information professionals to vulnerable members of our communities?

Program Speakers: Djaz Zulida, Brooklyn Public Library 


📡 Build Your Own Diverse Coalition


Core Value: Diversity

Program Description: The RCLS Coalition for Librarians of Color was created to bring together library workers of color from the Ramapo Catskill Library System. People of color in RCLS had long felt ignored, dismissed, and discriminated against. The points of actions of this coalition are as follows: to form a mentorship program to encourage support staff to become librarians; for group members to talk to directors, friends groups, and leaders at the system level about libraries sponsoring workers to go to library school; promoting diversity, social justice and undoing racism workshops for library staff; and making our presence felt at events like NYLA Advocacy Day to show legislators and others that diverse voices within librarianship are a force to be reckoned with. Despite the inevitable backlash against some members from supervisors and administrators, the support network forged by this coalition has been invaluable. Librarianship is overwhelmingly white. Librarians and support staff of color find ourselves faced with constant micro-aggressions in the library world. The only way to protect ourselves and pave the way for future generations is to form a powerful coalition of diverse voices.

Program Speakers: 

 Emily Dowie, Pearl River Public Library




Jen Park, Ramapo Catskill Library System, Joanna Goldfarb, Ramapo Catskill Library System, Peyton Powell, Finkelstein Memorial Library, Sandra Echols, NYBLC, and Grace Riaro, Ramapo Catskill Library System


📡 The Lemonade of Crisis Response

Program Sponsor: ESLN 

Core Value: Professionalsim

Program Description: 2020 has tested the flexibility, resilience, and resourcefulness of libraries as never before, but one thing is for sure: communities rely on their libraries during a time of crisis. What have we learned from 2020, and how will we use it in the years to come? Using the vocabulary of federal crisis response, this interactive session is designed to give library leaders and staff skills for not only responding to rapidly evolving crises but using that response to hone and amplify your library's role in the community. This session will also put an emphasis on personal well-being as a key component of emergency response.

Program Speakers: 

 Stephanie "Cole" Adams, The Law Office of Stephanie Adams (LOSA), PLLC 





📡 The Comeback Kids

Program Sponsors: LAMS / PULISDO

Core Value: The Publc Good

Program Description: Public libraries have the privilege of having public votes on their budgets and some even get to have a building referendum as well. It is a BIG undertaking and the future of a library hinges on the result. Despite putting our best effort forward sometimes we still can lose but that isn’t and CAN’T be the end of the story. Join us to hear from seasoned library directors who led their libraries forward after a loss at the polls. Find out how to rally the troops, find new allies, and go back to the drawing board. Learning from failure can valuable and translated  into new opportunities to create the library a community deserves

Program Speakers: 

 Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Mid-Hudson Library System




Tim Wiles, Guilderland Public Library
Pauline Emery, Southeast Stuben County Public Library
Julie Kelsall-Dempsey, Highland Public Library
Lisa Kropp, Lindenhurst Public Library, and
Matthew Bollerman, Hauppauge Public Library