Stephanie Hartwell-Mandella

Candidate for Councilor-at-Large (2021-25)

Assistant Director & Head of Youth Services, North Castle Public Library

Hello!  My name is Stephanie Hartwell-Mandella and I am the Assistant Director and Head of Youth Services at North Castle Public Library. Prior to my position at North Castle Public, I was Head of Youth Services at Katonah Village Library for eight years.  My first position after my MLS was Senior Librarian at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility – maximum security. I have had quite varied experiences as a professional librarian!  I have a Master’s in Early Childhood Education and my post-graduate Public Library Administration certification.   I am an active member of the Westchester Library System and a member of the WLS Youth Services Committee.  I am an active member of NYLA and was a recipient of one of the ten 2018 ALA “I Love my Librarian” awards.  I am humbled and proud to stand with other Librarians; all of us do valuable work.

I have been an active member of NYLA since 2010. I have volunteered for various jobs at conferences, presented a Pecha Kucha, been a panelist, done a poster session, and participated in the first NYLA Battle of the Bands!   Having participated in various aspects of NYLA conferences gives me a broad perspective of the duties of NYLA Councilor-at-Large.  Increasingly, at each NYLA conference attended, there are a myriad of librarians represented, not just the typical stereotype. How refreshing and interesting, and what opportunity for growth.  Representation matters.   I am passionate about bridging divides and making connections within the NYLA community and the community at large. Now, like others, my brain is like a Rubix cube  - oh, how drastically things have changed in a few short weeks. How do we do what we do, especially Youth Services, from a distance? So many uncertainties. We have worked hard - creating our libraries as centers of the community. And once again,  it is time for us to redefine ourselves. What an interesting, exciting, and scary time. I look forward to working hard - with each of you. Forward! 


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