Sarah Potwin

Candidate for Councilor-at-Large (2021-25)

Executive Library Director, Niagara Falls Public Library 

I am proud to stand for election to the New York Library Association's  (NYLA) 2020 Councilor-at-Large position.  Currently, I have the privilege to work as the Executive Library Director of the Niagara Falls Public Library (Nioga), since  July 2017.  I have worked with many of you through my previous library administrative experiences in the communities of Lagrange (Mid Hudson) and Massena (North Country). Through my NYLA conference volunteer experiences,  I have met many of you while handing out conference badges or staffing the Public Library Services trade show booth. With pride, I am a  card-carrying NYLA member since 2000 and a member of  ALA. My current term as PLS - Treasurer 2018-2020 will end and it is time to allow someone else with the talent to take the reigns.  I look forward to best serving you by being focused on one office held at one time.  

A born and raised Canuck, from Cornwall, Ontario, just north of the  St Lawrence River on the Northern NY border.  I have a BA Hons degree (Université d'Ottawa) and an MLIS from the University of Alberta. Additionally, I am a graduate of the final NYLA Leadership and Management Academy Class of 2019. 
NYLA is a dynamic leader in embracing change while finding solutions to advocate for. Spurred on by leading the NFPL through the recent COVID-19 health crisis and adapting to the many changes in our service model without a playbook,  I feel qualified to carry out the duties as your Councilor-at-Large.  I pledge to represent you and continue NYLA’s mission with the same gusto as your Councilor-at-Large as I do in my daily tasks as a Library Director.

I encourage you to contact me at with your ideas.  In summation, please use your vote in this election. Secure your NYLA membership by 6/14/2020 in order to ensure your right to vote.   Casting your  “X" on the ballot, either for me or for any other candidate is the privilege of democracy.  Your vote allows you a voice. Speak up.  

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