Kristina Graves

Candidate for Councilor-At-Large (2021-25)

School Librarian, Schenectady High School

As I reflect on my 13th year as a school librarian and the complexities that arise during a pandemic, one thing comes to mind, collaboration. I am a strong believer in the power of effective collaboration between school, public, and the many other librarian disciplines.  Librarians have much to learn from each other and want to learn from each other, especially around expanding outreach to users during unpredictable times. 

If elected as Councilor at Large for School Libraries, I hope to promote the evolving roles of librarians in innovation, teaching, and learning. I’m also interested in contributing to the success of our strong librarian partnerships and continue to work diligently to advance the shared interests of groups.  If elected, I will devote energy to focusing on specific NYLA initiatives and will continue to listen to and share information with members. As a school librarian, I will make sure that the voices of our comprehensive community are heard. 

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