2019 Library Advocacy Agenda

Click here to view the full 2019 LIbrary Advocacy Agenda (PDF)

Library Aid Agenda

Support New York IDEALS
$200M for Statewide Library Aid

  1. Guarentee Equity For All
  2. Funding Must Evolve with Community Needs
  3. Digital Equity Initiatives
  4. Quality School Libraries for All
  5. Fighting For Information Inequity

Library Construction Agenda

Building Sustainable Communities
$75M for Library Capital Infrastructure Improvements

  1. New York State's Public Libraries are Rapidly Aging
  2. Public Libraries require Capital Investment to Accomodate High-speed BroadbandInfrastructure
  3. Public Libraries Desperately Require Energy-efficient Infrastructure Upgrades
  4. Public Library Capital Needs have been Comparatively Underfunded

Libraries Count: 2020 Census

$40M for Library-Based Complete Count Initiatives

  1. Libraries as Crucial Partners
  2. Community Based Partnerships
  3. Recommendations

Legislative Agenda

Equitable Access for All New Yorkers

  1. Equal Access to School Libraries and Librarians
  2. Transparent Contracting with Educational Institutions
  3. Universal Access to the Library Construction Aid Program

Full NYLA 2019 Advocacy Agenda Briefing Documents (PDF)