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2011 Voter’s Guide for Library Advocates Released

The New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC has released its 2011 Voter’s Guide: The Library Advocate’s Guide to the Voting Records of the New York State Legislature.

“The 2011 Voter’s Guide reflects our annual effort to grade legislators on their documented voting records concerning library funding and legislative issues,” stated John Hammond, spokesman for the New Yorkers for Better Libraries.

“We are very pleased that there was a significant improvement in the voting records of legislators compared to last year.  This improvement can be attributed to legislators’  increased appreciation for the important role libraries are playing during this tough economy in helping the unemployed search and apply for jobs, improving literacy and reading skills among all age levels and providing access to unbiased and uncensored information critical to the functioning of our democracy,” continued Mr. Hammond.

“There was a marked improvement especially in the voting records of Assembly Democrats, thanks in part to the efforts of Assembly Library Committee Chair Bob Reilly and Assemblymember Amy Paulin working with Assembly staff to reach a satisfactory compromise on many of our issues. However, we were disappointed that the Assembly did not join the state Senate in proposing a restoration in Library Aid,” stated Mr. Hammond.

“Once again, the Senate really shined and came through for the library community by passing five of the New York Library Association’s 2011 Legislative Priorities, three of which were signed into law by the Governor.  In addition, the Senate proposed a $4 million restoration in Library Aid, of which $3 million was included in the adopted 2011-12 State Budget,’ said Mr. Hammond.

Long time library champion, Senator Hugh Farley, receives this year’s 2011 Ex Libris Award for his leadership role in the restoration of Library Aid, for sponsoring two of the bills signed into law, and for receiving the highest score (160 A+) on the Voter’s Guide.

The 2011 Voter’s Guide is being distributed to legislators, the media and the library community throughout New York.

A copy of the 2011 Voter’s Guide can be found at

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