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Advocacy Tools

The basics:

Protocols for Meeting with Legislators

How to Schedule and Conduct An Editorial Board Meeting

How To Request a Proclamation or Resolution

NYLA's Virtual Advocacy Page

Sample messages:

2016 NYLA Legislative and Budgetary Priorities

Sample Advocacy Letter (2013) (docx)

Generic Legislative Visit Thank You Letter (2013) (docx)

Elementary Librarian Advocacy Letter (2013) (PDF)

Tell Us About It:

Library Advocacy Meeting Reporting Form

For your Library:

Distribution of Library Cards to Students (NEW) (PDF)

Add the "Contact Your Elected Officials" Button to your website

Advocacy Radio Spots (MP3s)

School Libraries Advocacy Brochure (pdf)

NYCC "Informational Brief: Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement; October 2011" (pdf)

Take Your Child to the Library Day NEW

Statistics, graphs & charts:

History of Library Aid 2000-2015 NEW (PDF)

History of Library Aid 1998-2015 Graph NEW (PDF)

History of Library Construction Aid 1983 - 2015/2016 NEW (PDF)

The Library Value Calculator - It's Back!

Add the Library Value Calculator to Your Website

School LIbrary Fact Sheet (PDF)

Quotable Facts About America's Libraries 2012 - (PDF)


Archived Advocacy Materials

NYLA 2015 Legislative Agenda (PDF)

2015 NYLA Budgetary Talking Points

History of Library Aid 2000-2014 (PDF)

History of Library Aid 1998-2014 Graph (PDF)

History of Library Aid 1998 - 2014 - (PDF)

History of Library Aid 1998-2014 Chart - (PDF)

Chart: School Aid Versus Library Aid FY2014-15 - (PDF)

Why Support Your Local Library?

Overview of 2012 Library Budgets

How Libraries Stack Up: 2010 (PDF)

School Aid Versus Library Aid 1994- 2011 (PDF)

Annual Percentage of Change in School Aid and Library Aid 1995-2011 (PDF)

Statutory Library Aid vrs Actual Library Aid (PDF)

Library Funding versus Library Circulation Chart (PDF)

Number of visits to Public Libraries (PDF)

Circulation in Public Libraries Continues to Grow (PDF)

10 FAQ's About New York's Libraries (PDF)

Average Age of School Library Books by Region (PDF)

Principles for the Funding and Governance of Libraries in New York State (PDF)

Construction Needs of New York's Public Libraries (PDF)

Number of NOVEL Searches (PDF)

Number of People Underserved by a Local Public Libraries (PDF)

Advocacy Information Resources

Aging Public Libraries Chart (PDF)

Average Cost of Books Chart (PDF)

School Aid vs. SLS Aid, Library Materials Aid (PDF)


Intellectual Freedom and Censorship

NYLA's Intellectual Freedom Manual

The First Amendment in Schools: Resource Guide: Introduction: Avoiding Censorship in Schools


Contact information for your elected officials:

New York State Senate

New York State Assembly

Advocacy Videos