Advocating for Libraries in New York State

The New York Library Association (NYLA) leads, educates and advocates for the advancement of the New York library community.  NYLA is the voice of the library community advocating at the state and local level on behalf of libraries with the Governor and state Legislature, the NYS Board of Regents, and local governments that provide funding to libraries and library systems.

The more NYLA members, and library advocates, there are the stronger the voice of the library community in advocating for funding and legislation that benefit and improve library services and the librarian profession.

NYLA utilizes a number of proven methods and tools to advocate for libraries, like our Online Advocacy Center, where advocates can send messages to their state and local legislators on library issues, NYLA’s Library Advocacy Day, which brings over a thousand library supporters to the state Capitol to meet with legislators and their staff to discuss library funding, and other initiatives that promote the visibility and positive impact of libraries and library systems in our state.

Contact Your Elected Officials

In less than two minutes, you can submit a pre-drafted letter to your elected representatives in Albany voicing your support for libraries and library funding.  Just enter your name and address and our system does the rest.

NYLA's Online Advocacy Center

Enroll as a Library Advocate to Receive 'Advocacy Alerts'

By enrolling as a Library Advocate you are giving your consent to be contacted by NYLA via infrequent e-mail ‘Advocacy Alerts’ with information on when your action is needed in support of libraries.*

Library Advocate Enrollment Form

* Enrollment as a Library Advocate, while included with NYLA membership, doesn’t constitute NYLA membership, should you wish to become a supporting member of NYLA, please click here.

Donate to NYLA's Advocacy Fund

Advocating for New York's libraries requires funding.  Your support allows NYLA to amplify our message and be heard in Albany.
Donations to NYLA are tax-deductible.  To make a donation to NYLA's Advocacy Fund, please click here.

NYLA's Legislative Priorities

Tools for Library Advocates